Luther on Music

Today I review a short little book by Carl Schalk titled Luther on Music: Paradigms of Praise.

Luther on Music Review

Carl Schalk is a well respected composer, author, and professor so I was pleased to see a short book to wet my appetite on the subjects of Luther, music, and a Lutheran theological perspective of music. I was not disappointed!

It’s slightly more than 50 pages, but the first essay is full of interesting information about Martin Luther and his early musical education. The first third pages were great! Next up were “Paradigms of Praise,” which were likely very interesting and really quite significant. The last four pages, which aimed to cover “Implications of Luther’s Thought for the Present Day” . . . wasn’t as thorough as I would have wished.

Still, this is a book I’ll reread and likely one I’d encourage for not only Lutheran professional musicians but high school ones as well. 


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