Come Back to Me

In today’s post, I review Lutheran author Jody Hedlund‘s latest release, Come Back to Me.

As a reminder of just how prolific Jody Hedlund is, I’ll list her other books after the end of my review.

Come Back to Me Review

What can I say? The Tree of Life, time travel, and medieval knights? Yep. That’s a book for me, whether or not my husband rolls his eyes.

This was a great summer read. I bought the Kindle version as a pre-order, but I saw my local library quickly got it too.

As you read, you quickly go from asking, “Ooooh, who are the love interests” to clearly rooting for one in particular. There are Christian elements without things getting awkward* or too preachy. There are dreamy romantic elements without things getting too overly steamy. Well balanced and very enjoyable.

Do I expect you to concur with the more miraculous science of it? No. This is less science fiction and more awesome twist on historical Christian romance. *Is the Tree of Life part of the storyline out to convince you of truth behind it? I don’t think so. This is fun time-bending fiction. Having said that, I do want to commend the author: the medical issues addressed seemed well researched, as was some of the pharmaceutical intrigue. So time travel is the big leap, of course, but other than that it was smooth sailing into the sea of summer fiction.

Keep up the great work! I’m already looking forward to a sequel!

List of Other Books

Judy Hedlund has written a LOT of books! (Yes, I’m using affiliate links. Every bit helps.) I’ll list by genre and series. Plus I’ll include a few dates, because, seriously, I’m so impressed by how quickly she writes! 🙂

Time Crossing Romance

Waters of Time  (My review here.)

Young Adult

Historical Romance

Colorado Cowboys series (two books set to publish in 2021)

The Bride Ships series (four books)

Orphan Train series (four books)

The Beacons of Hope series (six books)

The Michigan Brides Collection (three books)

The Hearts of Faith (three books)


Stand alone novels:

Young Adult Books

The Fairest  Maidens series (three books published in 2020)

The Lost Princesses series (four books published in 2019)

The Noble Knights series (five books and a prequel novella)


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