Blood of Wonderland

Hi! My keyboard is going a bit wonky, periodically not working at all. So that’s annoying! Still, I previously posted a review of Queen of Heartsvolume 1, by Lutheran author Colleen Oakes. Now I’ll review Blood of Wonderland (Queen of Hearts, volume 2)!

Blood of Wonderland Review

It took the first book to set up several significant characters and to offer an imaginable world. This second book, however, really took off on exploring and expanding the world building! Vivid colors and wonder galore!

I got so into this book that at one point I stopped to realize I was reading almost wildly!

I really liked it. Partially, I think that is because this middle book is freest of original material. We know a few things about what has to happen, but this second book was wide open, introducing peoples and landscapes!

I plowed right through and finished the third book the next day. 🙂

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