Thirty Days in God’s Word

(Sorry. My scheduled post didn’t post on time.) Yesterday CPH released  Thirty Days in God’s Word: A Path of DiscoveryIt’s devotional and education. I almost want to call it a new sort of book. 🙂

This book offers snippets and summaries to guide readers through the sixty-six books of the Bible in only thirty days. It’s a historic, Christocentric overview that sounds like a great introduction or review. 

Here. I’ll include the full blurb so you can read it:

“The Bible can seem huge and intimidating for someone who has never read it. Where do you start? Even those who use Scripture regularly sometimes find it difficult to understand how it all fits together. This resource will guide readers through the sixty-six books of the Bible in thirty days, providing overviews and historic context of each book and pointing toward God’s plan of salvation in Christ. Readers will learn connections between the Old and New Testaments and applications to their lives today as they begin to understand the comprehensive story of Scripture. This Bible resource is designed for youth and adults to gain a basic but foundational understanding of the Bible. Whether readers have spent a lifetime in the Scriptures or have little or no familiarity with the Bible, this resource will make them familiar and confident with God’s Word in just thirty days. This book is ideal to give to unchurched friends and family so they can see that Jesus is the heart of the Scriptures from Genesis through Revelation.”

Nice! This sounds like a great book to read and them share a few copies with friends. Or churches can hand them out. Or kids can read it over the summer as part of their assigned summer religious reading! (Guess you can tell what our summers are like!)

Solid idea and looking through the preview it looks pretty good! 🙂

Go here to order from CPH. As usual, bulk discounts are available.

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