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Ray Spitzenberger is a great guy: a retired LCMS pastor and a longtime Lutheran poet! I’ve blogged before about his books of poetry, which I’ll link below, but today I’m happy to announce his latest release: Tanka Schön: Poems by a Texas Wend.

I married a Wend and my sister married a Wend. Yay for Wends! 

I’m sure Tanka Schön is a delight to read on material worth considering. I really appreciate how Ray writes about all sorts of things. Makes for an especially pleasant read. Especially if you’re a Texas or married to a Texan which, again, I am. 🙂 (The Wends settled in Texas beginning in 1854.)

I’m guessing Tanka Schön is a clever play on words. Tanka is a Japanese style of poetry, consisting of five lines. Schön is German for fine or beautiful. Put it together and what do you have? Also a neat pun that makes me think of Danke Schön (Thank you very much). Nice!

Now, if I’m remembering correctly, Ray’s It Must be Noodles came out in 2018, Open Prairies in 2020, and this one in 2021! Impressively prolific. Keep up the great work, Ray, and, readers, be sure to check these out! (And I do believe each one is available through Kindle Unlimited.)

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  1. Ray Spitzenberger

    Wow! Thank you so very much! I so appreciate your mentioning this on Meet, Write, ❤️Blessings, Ray

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