Christian Apologetics: A Lutheran Introduction

Now this is an exciting release! Nathan Greeley has just had Christian Apologetics: A Lutheran Introduction published by Just and Sinner Publications.

Here’s the blurb:

In this day and age, the truth of Christianity is rarely taken for granted. Many are outright skeptics. Even among churchgoers, there are widespread doubts about the truth and credibility of central doctrines of the faith. This all creates serious difficulties and challenges for both the Christian life and witness. It is therefore crucial that all Christians, even ordinary laypeople, learn about apologetics, which is the art of showing the plausibility of Christian claims.

In this accessible guide to apologetics for Lutherans, you will be shown how to make simple yet convincing cases for the most foundational Christian beliefs, such as the reality of God, the trustworthiness of Scripture, the deity of Jesus, and the factuality of the resurrection. Strategies for answering popular objections to Christianity, such as those that arise from evolutionary theory, the existence of evil and suffering, and the widespread acceptance of relativism will also be discussed. Last but not least, the question of which Christian tradition one should belong to is explored in a chapter outlining the major reasons to be a confessional Lutheran. After reading this book, you will be more confident in the truth of your faith and more prepared to share that faith with others.

I reached out to the author to find out a few more details. A fellow like him could be writing for adults, college students, or younger. (Dr. Nathan Greely teaches as a Christian classical school in Indiana, while he also serves as an adjunct instructor in philosophy at Indiana Wesleyan University.)

The book is aimed at adults (who likely have little to no formal theological training). When I asked if homeschoolers could incorporate it into high school studies he thought that was possible with adult guidance.

More particularly this is a book written for use as an individual or in church classes, small groups, and campus ministries.

Perhaps my favorite part: it is written in a catechetical question and answer format for accessibility and ease of use. Yay!

Dr Greenley said:

It covers most of the topics typically found in apologetics books but offers a view of these matters that is intended to be wholly in line with the teaching of our confessions. I also try to answer what I assume would be typical Lutheran questions about apologetics.

Excellent! Another timely publication from Just and Sinner!

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