Seminex in Print

Do you know about CHI, the Concordia Historical Institute? You should, 🙂 and now they, with Concordia Publishing House, have published the first of several books on Seminex: Seminex in Print: A Comprehensive Bibliography of Published Material and Selected Archival Resources for Historical Research.

So much stuff to document! I want to say this volume is 240 pages.

Here’s the blurb from CPH

Nothing has shaken American Lutheranism more than the conflict within the Missouri Synod in the early 1970s. Faced with conflicting views on the inspiration, inerrancy, and interpretation of the Scriptures, a majority of faculty and students left Concordia Seminary, walking out to form their own “seminary in exile”, Seminex. The Concordia Historical Institute’s new Seminex in Print: A Comprehensive Bibliography is the definitive collection of the history, politics, and theology of the walk out. Compiled by David Berger, professor emeritus and longtime director of Library Services at Concordia Seminary, Seminex in Print organizes major printed works, book reviews, Lutheran periodicals, general periodicals, and other media and archival content relevant to the Seminary walk out of 1974.

Seminex in Print is the first volume of Concordia Historical Institute’s Monograph Series, dedicated not only to preserving Lutheran history but also to stimulating scholarship new scholarship on the same.

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