12 Days of Christmas

Hello! I am still blogging. 🙂 Just got busy. Anyway, the 12 Days of Christmas are coming! Here are some ideas of things you can practice to keep the season as well as the day.

Here is a CPH list (with videos) for Twelves Hymns for the Twelve Days of Christmas.

If you aren’t reading through Luke this Advent, you can read two chapters a day through the twelve days of Christmas. 🙂

We may try to have some special treats throughout the 12 days rather than squishing them all into one day.

You can also remember the feasts and commemorations! (They don’t add up to 12, but that reminds us they don’t exist to be gimmicky. 🙂 And, in case it’s helpful, here’s the LCMS Lectionary Summaries for Feasts & Festivals, and here’s an article that talks about related common questions & distinctions.)

  • December 26th: Feast of St. Stephen, Martyr
  • December 27th: Feast of St. John, Apostle and Evangelist
  • December 28th: Feast of the Holy Innocents, Martyrs
  • December 29th: Commemoration of David
  • December 31st: Eve of the Circumcision and Name of Jesus
  • January 1st: Feast of the Circumcision and Name of Jesus
  • January 2nd: Commemoration of Wilhelm Loehe

Not the longest of lists, but at least it’s something. 

A very merry Christmas to you, a blessed season of holy days, and a happy New Year! (Though maybe I’ll get my act together and get back to regular blogging!) 

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