Kids in the Divine Service

Here’s some happy news. 🙂 You know Kids in the Divine Service, either as a collection of free LCMS bulletin inserts or a book put together by Rev. Christopher Thoma? Well, the print edition has recently been edited and made available for, I don’t know, I’d think about half price: now only $4.84!

If you recall from my previous post about it, Chris Thoma put together Kids in the Divine Service in cooperation with folks from the IC of the LCMS back in 2000. The LCMS Commission on Worship continues to offer them as free reproducible bulletin inserts here. Some were updated while others were added in 2017 to correspond with LSB.

Anyway, as a pastor himself Rev. Thoma got permission to print them as a book to have in his congregation’s pews and he’s made that available through Amazon to others, too. 
Got kids in the Divine Service? Want to know what these are good for? Everything. Ok, almost everything. 🙂 Parents and pastors should have these.
What else should we do with ’em? 
  • Kid bags
  • Have ’em in the pew
  • Gift for visiting family
  • Baptisms
  • Church libraries
  • VBS gifts
This book includes a brief introduction about the nature of worship. There’s also a brief preface regarding the importance of keeping children in worship, as well as a portion that encourages members to support parents in such efforts.
Woo hoo! Happy day! (And, now having looked, I think the price went down from almost $13!) 

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