Lenten Suggestions?

I’m looking for Lenten suggestions for devotional reading & other Lenten practices so I can compile a blog post with them for next week. 🙂 Any suggestions? 

Also, let this week be a lesson to me. I have stuff to write for you (and I mean a list of books I can review), but I just can’t make time to blog during the week. I’ll rectify that with weekend writing. God-willing.

Thankfully, I can also share that I’m finally writing on my Liturgy Lessons again! Yay yay yay! I also have two more LutheranHomeschool.com projects I hope to wrap up this weekend.

Sigh. I turned down a short-term gig I really wanted. I’m going to cling to the fact that this is the mature adult thing to do. But I hated to pass it up.

A blessed weekend to you!

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