Serpents in the Classroom

Lutheran professor Dr. Thomas Korcok (which I believe is pronounced more like Core-chalk) has just released a second book: Serpents in the Classroom: The Poisoning of Modern Education & How the Church Can Cure it. 

Dr. Korcok is an interesting figure, who has taught in Lutheran higher education in both Canada and the United States. He’s a solid presenter at conferences for classical education, and he’s got some very interesting things to say about Lutheran education through the ages!

So without further ado, here’s the Amazon blurb for his latest book, which is published by 1517 Publishing:

Serpents in the Classroom answers questions that teachers, pastors, and parents often ask themselves. Despite their best efforts, why do children so often reject the Christian faith? The answer is found in the theological presuppositions that undergird much of contemporary education. Though the educational establishment often presents its models as products drawn from evidence-based research that is theologically neutral, they are anything but. Rather, they are founded on theologies that are diametrically opposed to orthodox Christian teaching.

Drawing on his experience as an educator, pastor, and professor, Dr. Korcok uncovers the theological tenets of some of the pedagogues who have been influential in shaping contemporary educational thought and discovers how they have intentionally designed education to turn children away from the Christian faith.

For the Christian teacher and parent, there is an alternative. Dr. Korcok presents the classical liberal arts education model that has served the church well for almost 2,000 years as a practical and theologically sound model of education for training a child for a life of faith.

 Serpents in the Classroom is bound to be an interesting read! And his other book on Lutheran education is so good that I’ll link to that as well. 🙂


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