Weekly Books of the Bible

This morning I finished up a project. 🙂 That feels good! It’s a homeschool schedule for high schoolers that may also interest you and other adults. Basically, I put together a schedule for reading entire books of the Bible once a week

I’ll steal from my own product page on LutheranHomeschool.com, ha ha haa:

This PDF contains a schedule for reading books of the Bible in a single, weekly sitting. The schedule allows for a weekly assignment for between 31 and 39 weeks, and up to 52 books of the Bible (That’s including Psalms and Proverbs, which are not read in a single sitting!). Even though it does not include every book of the Bible, it offers a substantial, structured opportunity to experience the shorter and moderate-length books of the Bible as intact discourses.

It may surprise you to learn that 40 of the 66 canonical books can be read in less than an hour. Admittedly, not all of these lessons will be that short. Some books need to be included simply because of their prominence in Scripture. For example, the Gospels are too foundational to pass over. Frankly the development of themes and teachings is too rich to neglect.

People read at different rates, but I have included approximate average reading times that I found online to help your student plan and schedule. It may be that some high schoolers are not ready to read Scripture for 2 hours. The goal may be a single, continuous reading, but reading a single book of the Bible in a week, or even a couple of weeks, is still success. Students can read a third or a half of the text, take a break (even for a week), review, and keep reading.

Seven books are marked optional. Some are long. Some parents may not prioritize history books like Joshua, Judges, and Nehemiah, while others may shy away from discussing Song of Solomon or Revelation. Use your discretion. God-willing, there will be plenty of time to read and study Scripture in years to come also.

If you would like to add the books of Psalms and Proverbs to the Scripture reading for the school year, you have several easy options. You can read one psalm a day (150 psalms over 30 weeks) or one psalm a school day excluding your “long reading day” (150 psalms over 37.5 weeks). To include Proverbs, read one chapter of Proverbs a week for 31 weeks or consider reading Proverbs several times, starting with chapter 1 on the first day of the month and continuing in that monthly pattern.

May God bless all time spent in His Word!


(Other LutheranHomeschool.com reading plans include free a Summer Bible Reading Program and a free Bookopoly Summer Reading Challenge. You may also be interested in the Books of the Bible, Printable Coloring Tracker.)

Last week I put together a schedule to use with Engaging the Psalmswhich I think can be used by anyone in middle school or older. This one is probably for upper high school or older, and next week I would love to finish up a schedule for reading the Book of Concord in a school year! 

Feel free to send me suggestions if you have any! 


Weekly Books of the Bible

Engaging the Psalms Lesson Plans

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