The Last Guardsman

How have I not reviewed Lutheran author Rhonda Chandler‘s latest novel, The Last Guardsmanfirst in The World of AllHallen series? Today I remedy that! 😀

The Last Guardsman Review

I am not exaggerating when I say that Rhonda Chandler is one of my favorite authors. And she’s written in such different genres! First, I read her historical fiction novel, The Fires of AutumnNext her contemporary mystery,  The Ritornello Gameand her latest is fantasy/ fairy tale. I love them all.

The Last Guardsman explores hope when hope seems to desert you, time and again. The book is set in a fantasy world of the past, but at first you’re not quite sure how fantastical it may be. There are men of honor and valor and women of strength and perseverance, faith and ingenuity. Then there are also obvious allusions to a certain fairy tale or two, which expanded the book’s character & characters rather than narrowed it.

I appreciated the length of the book. Chandler has created a great world, and I’m so glad to see this is only the first in a series. I look forward to reading as many books as Chandler is able to write. 🙂

I think one thing I especially appreciate about this author is that her books are deeply wholesome while recognizing how disturbing and extensive evil is. I bought this book and saved it for a time when I knew I could use a little extra heartening and rest. It served me well and I’m sure it will serve me well again when I reread it!


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