With Angels and Archangels

Here’s a happy one! Rev. Dr. Jonathan Naumann, a wonderful theologian and LCMS missionary at the Lutheran seminary in the Dominican Republic, just received a festschrift in honor of his fortieth anniversary of his ordination! It is aptly titled, With Angels and Archangels. 😀

Essays include:

  • Eric R. Andrea’s “God is in our Midst! All Theology is Ecclesiology?”
  • Neil Guthrig’s “Pastoral Visitation”
  • Theodore Krey’s “A Comparison and Contrast of Modern Missionary Efforts Amongst the Protestants and Catholics in the Era of the Voyage of the Discovery: Examining the Theology of Mission, It’s Methods, and the Influence of Enlightenment”
  • Brian A Naumann’s “On Earth, as it is in Heaven”
  • David N Naumann’s “Angels and War”
  • Edward A Naumann’s “The Divine Call and the Limits of Silence”
  • Gordon S> Naumann’s “The LIfe of a Pastor and His Unseen Help”
  • Nigel D. Naumann’s “When a Foreign Language is no Longer Foreign”
  • Jon Olson’s “Lutheran Liturgy is Divine Service”
  • David Peterson’s “Luther’s Theology of Prayer: A Tribute to Jonathan Naumann”
  • John Pless’s “Herman Sasse’s Confession of the Holy Spirit”
  • David Preus’s “Angels as Mediators of Natural Law? An Inquiry concerning . . . [sorry, but it’s a Greek phrase that isn’t copy and pastable into my blog post] in Galatians 4”
  • David P. Scaer’s “The Harrowing of Hell”
  • Tapani Simojoki’s “Fed by Christ: The Role of the Pastor and the Congregation in the Liturgy”
  • John Stephenson’s “To Anaphorise or NOt to Anaphorise, That is the Question”
  • Willian Weedon’s “Oremus”
  • Tom Winger’s “What’s Right for the Rite? Theological Discernment in Matching Music to the Liturgy”

Do I even need to say Jonathan Naumann is a good and faithful man, full of wisdom and love of Jesus? 🙂

So get the book! And you know what else you can do? You can go here to support his current work!

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