Inviting Community

Inviting Community is not a new Lutheran book, but I recently saw a review in praise of it, so I’m sharing it. 🙂

Here’s the Amazon description:

What challenges keep congregations from inviting community, and being inviting communities, in North America today? How can churches effectively proclaim and embody the gospel in the midst of such challenges?These two questions are at the center of this new collection of essays, a follow up to The American Mind Meets the Mind of Christ. These essays, mostly by the distinguished faculty of Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, address concrete challenges churches face in strengthening their witness to the gospel of Jesus Christ in and among their communities. As such, this volume invites us to deepen our understanding of what the congregation as an inviting community looks like, and what sorts of practices invite community both inside and outside a church’s walls.

In the words of Rev. Ricky Beckett, “This book is a collection of essays by former and current professors at @concordiasem about how the Church is to be an INVITING community rather than a repugnant one, albeit ways that are counter-cultural.” Three of his favorites were by Rev. Dr. Rick Marrs, Rev. Dr. Jeffrey Kloha, and Rev. Dr. David Peter.

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