Crafts and Crafted-for-Free: Free Resources!

Introducing Crafts and Crafted-for-Free! Sometimes you just want to find a short Lutheran Bible study you can use at the last minute. Maybe a devotion. Or, maybe you’re shopping for a Lutheran “Lutherophile.” Want to simply send some business toward a Lutheran? Here you go: an assortment of free resources, typically online, and links to crafts and artwork for sale.

Crafted for free? Yes, people of the church put together resources just to be shared for the benefit of others! Yay!

The design of this page is simple: words are free, but the goodies below aren’t. 🙂

Let me know if you hear about additional people/places/things, as we may as well let each other know about them: Lutheran gift shops, Lutheran cottage industry, Lutheran artists/crafters/woodworkers/etc.! Also, of course, shop at denominational publishing houses like Concordia Publishing House! (Steadfast Lutherans now offers Steadfast in the Parish with their own collection listing freebies!)

I will not include people who distribute books, purses, Pampered Chef, etc. but I will include shops that aren’t religiously-themed. If I have mistakenly credited someone as a Lutheran, please forgive me.

Free Lutheran Resources/The Crafted-for-Free

Bible Studies


  • Mercy in Action: Essays on Mercy, Human Care and Disaster Response (Request from disaster at
  • The Mercy of God in the Cross of Christ (Request from disaster at
  • Christian Charity in the Ancient Church (Request from disaster at
  • Saints of the Reformation (Lutheran Church–Canada)

Coloring &/or Drawing Pages, Cards or Worship Notes

Devotions, Daily

Devotions, Weekly

Devotions, Individual

Devotion Collections

Domestic Violence/Abuse

Education/Homeschool Helps



Lectures/ Papers

Music (Listening or Lyrics)

Music (Learning/Making/Playing)

Radio/Talk Shows

Seminary Resources and Free Offerings

Spanish Resources

  • Estudio Biblico Alimenta Mis Ovejas (Request from disaster at

Sunday School or VBS

Lutheran Shopping Opportunities, Especially for Arts & Crafts

(Not crafted-for-free: crafted for sale!)


*Lutheran Art Resource is a Lutheran guide to commissioning liturgical art with essays/ presentations, Artist Networks and Blogs, and Liturgical Consultants! Awesome!

Baby Paraphernalia

Certificates (Baptism, Confirmation, Marriage, Ordination)



Crochet, Knitting, or Needlework

Crafts & Design


Greeting Cards (Some repeats from other areas)

Home Decor & Household Aids (like cloth napkins!)







Also, classifying it under the “Art of Hospitality,” did you know there is a network called LutheranBnB, where you can find guest rooms or houses to rent? I tell ya, Lutherans are everywhere and going places! 😉

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