Crafts and Crafted-for-Free: Free Resources!

Sometimes you just want to find a short Lutheran Bible study you can use at the last minute. Maybe a devotion or any other random crafted-for-free Lutheran resource. Or, maybe you’re shopping for a Lutheran “Lutherophile.” Maybe you simply want to send some business toward a Lutheran.

Here you go: an assortment of free resources, typically online, and links to Lutheran fine arts, crafts, and specialty business with products for sale.

Crafted for free? Yes, people of the church put together resources just to be shared for the benefit of others! Yay!

Crafted for sale? Sure! Consider some of the specialty businesses Lutherans have come up in their efforts to serve their neighbors. There’s good and sometimes surprising stuff in there!

Because of the great input from others, I’ve divided this into two pages:

Let me know if you hear about additional people/places/things/any crafted-for-free Lutheran resource, as we may as well let each other know about them: Lutheran gift shops, Lutheran cottage industry, Lutheran artists/crafters/woodworkers/etc.! Any resurrection- and Real Presence-believing Lutheran welcome.

I will not include people who sell or distribute general (rather than their own) books, purses, Pampered Chef, etc. but I will include shops that aren’t religiously-themed. If I have mistakenly credited someone as a Lutheran, please forgive me.

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