Lutheran Freelance Writer Support

The goal of my website is to encourage Lutherans to write. But you know all those long acknowledgements in the front and back of your favorite books? Those demonstrate that more than one person is typically involved in producing a book! So, if you are looking for help, here is a list of Lutheran freelance writer support. These are professionals who you can contract to provide the services you need to present the highest quality result possible. 

(Obviously, you can use non-Lutheran ones, too. I’m just highlighting Lutheran writing-related professionals.)

There are proofreaders, editors, illustrators, indexers, graphic designers, writing coaches, and more.

Am I missing something or someone? Please do drop me a note. Meanwhile, I hope you can join me in helping people connect with those they need in whatever way you can!

You know what else you can do? Spread the idea of Lutheran novelists, poets, hymnists, proofreaders, editors and more. Embrace the clear expressions of vocation in Lutheranism. Oh, and throw in a love for reading and writing along with it! 🙂

Lutheran Freelance Writer Support

Assessment & Feedback

Business/Book Action Plan

Composers (Freelance Musical Composers possibly open to writing & arranging hymnody, etc.)

Arranging Duos, Combos, Groups, etc.

Cover Design

Graphic Design




Proofreaders &  Copy Editors


  • Sarah St. Onge: Prolife advocacy and abortion law pertaining to birth defects, fatal fetal anomalies, and late term abortion for medical reasons

Self-Publishing Assistance

  • Kristina Rutledge Phillips

Virtual Assistants?

Website Development

  • Anthony Hessler
  • Lora Horn can help you with all aspects of promoting your work, including websites and content marketing strategy. AND she has special Lutheran rates.! 🙂
  • Kimberlea Lessman offers services including social media marketing, website marketing and graphic design.
  • Sean McCoy
  • Sam Niemi

Writing Coach


This is still a new and growing list, so if you know more names of those who work in fields of freelance writing support, please do comment or contact me.

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