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I expect Lutherans to care about education. Not only because we believe in truth, wisdom, beauty, and the wonders of creation, but we also know that orthodoxy affects education. Education is far more—and distinct from—any particular methodology. Rather, it’s that intimate fostering and exchange of God-given vocations! So, here is what I’ve gathered and developed related to Lutheran educational resources! (Yes, there are some affiliate links. See the right sidebar for more info.)

So, whether you homeschool, supplement, or are personally involved in a school, here are Lutheran educational resources that can help serve you as you explore and delight in Lutheran education! A lot of good things are already out there, Lutheran and otherwise. These things will be primarily Lutheran-specific.

First: Free Stuff

  1. Things I’ve developed in my house for my homeschoolers. (Still tweaking)
  2. General Support, ie., websites, organizations, and tips
  3. Free Lutheran resources I’ve found by topic
  4. Organizations that offer support and maybe webinars
  5. Special Education

Second: Non-Free Stuff

  1. Lutheran Special Education Resources
  2. Not-free Lutheran educational resources,
  3. Lutheran books on or for Education
  4. Online Lutheran Schools &/Or Coursework

This is just a start, so feel free to contact me below with suggestions, requests, etc.

NB: This is my educational resource page. You may also want to check out my growing list of free Lutheran resources here and my list of living Lutheran authors here.

Free Stuff!

1. My Own Free Lutheran Educational Resources

Lutheran Recitation-Years: Updated 8/23/18, this list of questions and answers help to catch things that might otherwise slip through the cracks. Either add a question a week for First through Sixth Grade, start at the beginning, or pick and chose. My own practice adds it to my other weekly Q&A recitation list, provided by our Memoria Press curriculum.

Religious Reading by Grade Level: This is my particular planned religion reading list to assign to my kids when they are old enough, in addition to Memoria Press’s religious curriculum, Sunday school, and confirmation.

Religious Reading Recommendations for Students by AgeThis is a supplemental religious reading list organized by age range (Infant, Preschooler/Early Reader, Elementary, Middle School, Junior High, High School).

A list of Christian theological poets.

2. Free Lutheran Educational Resources

General Support

3. By School Topic

  • Artists and Their Art: Sharing Visual Storiesa free education tool to promote visual literacy through artwork. Formerly hosted by Concordia University Chicago, has been moved to Professor Emeritus Deb Heran’s personal site.
Catechism Resources (Also see Religious Instruction & Worship)
Classical Lutheran Education
History/Church History
  • Faithful Forebearers: A podcast that explores historical church figures’ lives, times, challenges, and achievements.
Literature & Reading
Religious Instruction/Worship (Also see Catechism Resources)

4. Organizations for Lutheran Education & Support

5. Lutheran Special Education Resources

Cheryl Swope has specialized in educating those with learning disabilities and behavior disorders. She is a faithful member of an LCMS congregation, who has homeschooled two special-need children of her own.

You can find articles by her here and her website here. In addition to the resources on her website, she works with Memoria Press, developing classical curriculum for those with Special Needs, and writing for both of The Classical Teacher and Simply Classical Journal

On a less education-specific note, Alvin Franzmeier blogs in support of those with intellectual disabilities.


1. Not Free Lutheran Educational Resources for Special Ed.

Below is Cheryl Swope’s book on a classical special education:

This may not be special ed, but it is a special need book, written by a Lutheran mother.

2. Lutheran Books on Education

A Christian Pedagogy by Edward Koehler

CPH also continues to publish collections of essays, so do visit to periodically check those out, too!

3. Online Lutheran Schools &/Or Coursework

Online Lutheran Schools (see below under “Organizations for Lutheran Education & Support”)
  • Online courses available for children
    •  Faith Lutheran School, Plano TX, offers online coursework
    • Wittenberg Academy is an online Lutheran school, offering online courses for junior high and high school
    • http://www.flsplano.org
  • Online courses available for older children and adults

4. School Topics


Contact me about whatever and I’ll see if I can find/improve/develop, etc. 😀

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