Educational Resources

I’m going to redirect you to my newer project,, and its page, Free Lutheran Educational Resources. That way I can update this stuff in a single location, and you can also follow tangential pages and see non-free recommendations, too. 🙂

My original text follows, but the big lists of bullet points are Lutheran Homeschool.


I expect Lutherans to care about education. Not only because we believe in truth, wisdom, beauty, and the wonders of creation, but we also know that orthodoxy affects education. Education is far more—and distinct from—any particular methodology. Rather, it’s that intimate fostering and exchange of God-given vocations! So, here is what I’ve gathered and developed related to Lutheran educational resources! (Yes, there are some affiliate links. See the right sidebar for more info.)

So, whether you homeschool, supplement, or are personally involved in a school, here are Lutheran educational resources that can help serve you as you explore and delight in Lutheran education! A lot of good things are already out there, Lutheran and otherwise. These things will be primarily Lutheran-specific.

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