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I’m back from a really wonderful vacation. 🙂 Lots of nature, family, and scribbling into notebooks. Little technology, lots of calories, and some deep, dream-filled sleep. Yay!

I’ll be back to regular posting shortly.

Meanwhile, read, write, and rock on!

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Lutheran Bloggers

The Lutheran blogging scene has changed a lot since I first started with a vanity blog. So, if you are want to share your blog with me or name fellow Lutheran bloggers, this is your chance.

Also, for your consideration, here is a list of a Top 100 Lutheran Blogs and an impressive blogroll on Aardvark Alley.

Feel free to mention other resourceful blog rolls below, too. 🙂

Blessed Friday and weekend!

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Cleave the Darkness

Rev. James Chinery, author of Bane & Blessing, a Christian fantasy, has now released Cleave the DarknessWoo hoo!

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I have trouble with names, so I often think of actors in terms of whatever name or role I happen to remember. Well, the other night I watched a movie and the kid-actor was Peeta! I was shocked! I had no idea he had such a long and varied career. But it makes me think that just maybe some of us can have a long and varied career, too. Want to write in multiple genres? People say not to do it: stick with what you know. But maybe I don’t know ANYTHING and can try just about EVERYTHING! Right?! 😉

Anyway, wishing you actor-of-Peeta-like success. lol

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Page for Homeschool Resources

I try to blog about writing, reading, resources, that kind of thing. I slip in that I’m a homeschooler sometimes because that affects how I understand resources. So, well, pardon this post that isn’t particularly about reading or writing, but gathering theological and educational goodies for a page for homeschool resources I can keep on my page.

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Page for Lutheran Resources

You know I have my lists of free Lutheran resources. Now I want to build a list for not-free resources, particularly things that pull at a deaconess’s heart strings. You know? Lutheran resources for grief, depression, abuse, etc.

I’m also at a loss as to how to organize my website menu. I have free Lutheran resources, not-free Lutheran resources, but what about a topical list that includes both?! Am I crazy and just overlooking an easier solution?

I’d appreciate input. I guess a “Lutheran Resource” tab that links to a Lutheran Resource menu?

This affirms a long-held frustration of mine. There are needs and there is help out there, but getting the two together is the tricky part!

Ok, back to your input. Please let me know topics you’d like to see addressed, and, of course, send me any Lutheran book recommendations you’d like. And, any organizational tips as well.

Rock on! Read and write!



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Extra Book Reviews!

I learned about another Lutheran source for book reviews! Into Your Hands LLC, founded by Ryan and Marie MacPherson, has extra book reviews for your reading pleasure! Yay!

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Poetry Project

Does anyone else here struggle to juggle multiple projects? My poetry project has been on a back burner, but now I’m wondering if it’s time I wrap it up.

Let me ask you: how many pages do you think a book of poetry should be before publishing? Should I wait to publish until I’m poem-ed out? Right now my project has a variety of biblical themes and topics with poetry meditating upon them: should I wait until I have a full book of connected themes? Or just know that I may continue to write such religious meditation and publish various volumes?

I also wonder how people self-publish through Amazon yet aren’t sure when their release date will be. Any insight on that?

🙂 Meanwhile, happy reading and writing folks! I’m rooting for you!


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Who says there can’t be a Lutheran mummy book?

Not me! I have this super great idea of a  mummy book I could write! Delving into how Christians could handle death “nearing extinction,” as well as how would the human heart and mind process coming back from the dead and realizing one’s gods were false!

Part of me wants to share the cool little details I’ve come up, and a larger part of me laughs to think of others playing around with mummy ideas, too. 🙂

Don’t worry. I doubt I have the heart or the scarab to write such a thing. I SURE don’t have a science angle to adequately suit sci fi readers. Still, I’m enjoying pondering it and just maybe . . . someday . . .

Until then, happy reading & writing!

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Tentative Homeschooling Plan

Here is my current tentative homeschooling plan for augmenting Bible class with Lutheran books and topics. We use Memoria Press‘s Christian Studies series, which covers things like biblical literacy & vocabulary, biblical geography, memory work, timeline stuff, but I want to be talking about other stuff, too, even at young ages, using books with real Lutheran substance when I can.

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