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You know I have my lists of free Lutheran resources. Now I want to build a list for not-free resources, particularly things that pull at a deaconess’s heart strings. You know? Lutheran resources for grief, depression, abuse, etc.

I’m also at a loss as to how to organize my website menu. I have free Lutheran resources, not-free Lutheran resources, but what about a topical list that includes both?! Am I crazy and just overlooking an easier solution?

I’d appreciate input. I guess a “Lutheran Resource” tab that links to a Lutheran Resource menu?

This affirms a long-held frustration of mine. There are needs and there is help out there, but getting the two together is the tricky part!

Ok, back to your input. Please let me know topics you’d like to see addressed, and, of course, send me any Lutheran book recommendations you’d like. And, any organizational tips as well.

Rock on! Read and write!



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