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I try to blog about writing, reading, resources, that kind of thing. I slip in that I’m a homeschooler sometimes because that affects how I understand resources. So, well, pardon this post that isn’t particularly about reading or writing, but gathering theological and educational goodies for a page for homeschool resources I can keep on my page.

Apparently I’m on a roll for resource pages. What would you like to see on a Lutheran homeschool resource page? I have my own Lutheran reading supplemental plan. I have a growing long list of Lutheran books by age/grade order.

Ahem, I will NOT create a full curriculum for you at this time. Ha ha haaaa. But how can I help? A recitation list? Anything?

Or has someone done this already? I can certainly point out the catechetical work already available, maybe memory cards, etc. Hmmm. Stuff to think about. 🙂

PS. This page would not necessarily be specific to homeschooling—There are augmenters out there, too, I don’t mean to leave out. But “homeschooling” is a surprisingly helpful google term! Seriously!

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