Lutheran shops

Here is a list of all sorts of Lutheran shops & Lutheran stores: Lutheran artists, Lutheran crafters, Lutheran craftsmen, Lutheran coffee roasters, Lutheran cookie-makers, etc!

Am I saying we should only shop from Lutherans? Of course not! Still, this is a neat list to peruse, and specialty businesses can be hard enough to find. Anyway, it’s worth knowing about artists, crafters, and shops that share our Lutheran beliefs.

By all means, also check out denominational publishing houses like Concordia Publishing House that sell fine arts, decor, gift items, etc. Also try searching stores using “Lutheran”—you never know what you may find. Etsy always has neat things under Lutheran! 🙂

(Lutheran writers, you may also be interested in my list of Lutheran Freelance Writer Support, including things like graphic designers, indexers, etc.)

Also, Etsy shops have exploded, so I’m going to try to compile all of those, even though Etsy shops sell all sorts of neat things.

Lutheran Shops

Art/ Fine Arts*

*Lutheran Art Resource is a Lutheran guide to commissioning liturgical art with essays/ presentations, Artist Networks and Blogs, and Liturgical Consultants. Not a shop itself, it’s a handy resource.  You may also want to know about the Center for Liturgical Art.

Baby Paraphernalia

Banners (Church)

Baseball Memorabilia & Art

Cards: Greeting, Holiday, & Occasion Cards (Some repeats from other areas)

Certificates (Baptism, Confirmation, Marriage, Ordination)



Coffee! (Tea listed below)

Coloring Books or Pages


The LCMS also offers a coloring book for children affected by domestic or sexual abuse.

Lutheran Producers

Crafts & Design

Crochet, Knitting, or Needlework

Ecclesiastical Art


Etsy Shops


Home or Yard Decor & Household Aids (like cloth napkins!)


  • Did you know there is a network called LutheranBnB, where you can find guest rooms or houses to rent? I tell ya, Lutherans are everywhere and going places! lol

Iconography, Lutheran-style!



Lutheran Specialty Items

Lutheran Subscription Services (ie., ongoing purchases)

  • Luth Crate: Monthly subscription box filled with at least 12oz of Lutheran-involved coffee along with other merchandise created by Lutherans.
  • See the “Coffee” category above
  • See Lutheran Journals here

Metal Art


  • Concordia Collective: Family Lectionary (An open and go daily family devotional and activity book based on the one year lectionary)
  • Everbook! Free organizing method





Stained Glass



Toddler Awesomeness

  • Talofa Kids: Polynesian textiles for wear & play and AWESOME toddler Advent wreathes!




Wine Tastings at Home!


Kneelers/ Prie-Dieu/ Prayer Desk


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