Free Lutheran Resources

Let’s applaud those who continue to create free Lutheran resources for the good of the Church! Thanks be to God! I’ll happily add more if you let me know about those from a resurrection- and means-of-grace-believing Lutheran perspective.

Denominational publishing houses, like Concordia Publishing House, frequently have free Lutheran resources on their site. Steadfast Lutherans has also created Steadfast in the Parish with their own collection listing freebies. Lutheran Audio Review has compiled a lot of available Lutheran podcasts and resources, so be sure to check them out as well. Rev. Bryan Wolfmueller has some great, great stuff here.

Other lists that I’m compiling are Living Lutheran Authors (including novelists) and Lutheran Shops for Lutheran Fine Artists, Crafters, Memorabilia, etc. Plus I’ve moved a number of educational lists & links to 🙂

I may or may not post all the free Lutheran resources either entity publishes, due to lack of time. However, I do love to try my own hand at creating resources, so you can always contact me to see if I can find something for you or perhaps together we can get any needed resource made for the good of the Church!

Advent & Christmas Resources

Bible Reading Plans

  • 5 Free Bible Reading Plans: One Year, Two Year, Chronological, Bible Narratives (I like this one for kids, too!), and Daily Lectionary
  • Wolfmueller’s Bible Reading Plan (three chapters a day: one OT, one Psalm, one NT)
  • This Passion Book, developed by Rev. Andrew Richard, combines woodcuttings and various artwork with the Passion readings traditionally read throughout Holy Week for home and devotional use.

Bible Studies


Bulletin Inserts


Child-Related (also see Catechesis and Courses)

Church History, Early & More Recent

Confession Reading Plans

Courses, Coursework, and Curriculum free of charge!


Devotions, Individual

Devotion Collections

Digital Resources for Churches & Schools

Doctrinal Study

Educational (See or above at Catechesis or Child-Related)

Exorcism/ Supernatural Warfare

Hymnody (Also see Music)

International Mission work


Lectures/Papers/Essays/Lutheran Websites I just want you to know about 😉

Liturgical Living

  • All the Household is a fun website that supports Lutheran liturgical living in the home! It talks about various traditions and opportunities we have, as well as offers free printables, recipes, etc.

Ministry Resources (Also see Worship below)

Music (Listening or Lyrics)

Music (Learning/Making/Playing)

Prayers (Also see Worship below)


Radio/Music/Talk Shows

Scholarship/Seminary Resources and Free Offerings

Social Issues

(Here is a general link to the LCMS Commission on Theology & Church Relations page and its Document Library, since it has addressed Life Issues, Social Issues, and more.)

Spanish Resources

  • Estudio Biblico Alimenta Mis Ovejas (Request from disaster at

Wellness, including specifically for Church Worker Wellness


Woo hoo for free Lutheran resources!!!

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