Book of Concord Reading Plans

Ladies and gentlemen, just the other day I discovered a 2019 summer Bible reading plan suitable for families of all ages. Great! I thought. Fantastic! And now I’m so excited to tell you about Book of Concord reading plans!!! Including summer reading plans!!!

Bethany Nummela-Hanel has rounded these up and I’m sure thankful to her that she has!

Book of Concord Reading Plans

  1. A summer reading schedule for reading Concordia: The Lutheran Confessions, A Reader’s Edition is available here, by RCF and hosted on the website, A Shepherd’s Story, run by Rev. Johann Caauwe, a wonderful WELS pastor. The schedule begins on May 30th reading introductory material.
  2. A summer reading schedule for other editions, including Tappert, Kolb-Wengert, the Triglotta, and Die Bekenntnis-Schriften, is here, by Michael D.Henson. This one begins June 1.
    1. I love that that Trig & Die Bekentnis-Schriften were included!!
    2. There’s actually a $.99 Kindle edition of the Trig, but I’m not sure how that pans out or CPH has a print on demand version here.
    3. I dream of homeschooling families going through the Triglotta, in its three languages, together.
  3. A 40-day Lenten plan from CPH, originally available here.
  4. Yearly plan: I think the same Monday through Friday plan is available in both of these places. Begin any time with week one.
    1. Concordia: The Lutheran Confessions, A Reader’s Edition, pp. 19-22
    2. (I love that site) has it here, and you can request to join a daily email group! Easy as can be. Perfect. Excellent. 

I’ll add these Book of Concord reading plans to my free Lutheran resources list stat!

You know what else I think? I think these make a great homeschooling resources, too, since we could have our high schoolers reading through the Lutheran Confessions! What a great impact that could have!! I’ve heard that those in junior high can have a great time, delving into the Large Catechism, which could be a natural bridge into the other documents.

Thanks again, Bethany!

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