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Hey. I want to hear about Lutheran conferences. Are they on the other side of the world? Cool, so are other Lutherans! What Lutheran conferences do you know about?

I have two stipulations. First, I want to know ongoing conferences, so that people can make plans to attend them. Second, if something is in any way scandalous, can you warn me first? 

Now, I can admit that I actually love conferences. Lutheran conferences are even better, as they often include sweet Gospel, serious discourse, and, even if we can’t go so far as to say always like-minded folks, there is the Spirit present in Word and Sacrament.

If I were wealthy, I would go to lots of conferences. 🙂 Listen to lectures, browse book sales, contemplate . . . that sounds pretty ideal to me. Plus, I do like to travel and eat food prepared by others. lol

The other thing that’s so great about conferences is sampling the presenters. Whether there is one speaker or many, you have one more person in your life getting you to think through things.

Admittedly, that leads to my secondary benefit to finding out about Lutheran conferences. I cannot find presentations on Youtube, if I don’t even know a name in a field. Conference speakers, however, at least bear a minimum recommendation from whoever invited them.

Know people who speak? I want to learn their names and fields? It’s for the Cranach website. Because even if we can’t get childcare for a weekend away, maybe we can take time to watch a few presentations linked to better equip hearts and minds in the Church. 🙂

Plus, once I have all the information, I may as well have a page to list Lutheran conferences and Lutheran speakers, right? As someone who has helped organize a retreat or two, it’d sure be nice to have topical ideas for speakers.

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  1. Going the Lonely Way

    There is a Symposium put on by the Concordia Catechetical Academy (CCA) every third Th. & Fri. of June. The CCA is a resource for ongoing Lutheran Catechesis. This year’s symposium topic is “Catechesis and Lutheran Schooling in a Hostile Culture,” and the speaker lineup looks great. All the details can be found at

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