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I have a plan! Monday I hope to post a Lutheran reading challenge! It won’t be all academic either.

Obviously, not all Lutheran reading revolves around Lutheran authors, but Lutheran authors mainly is where I’ll start.

This post is your chance to influence categories. So far I’m thinking along these lines:

  1. A book by a Lutheran author you’ve read before (rereads are totally acceptable)
  2. A book by a Lutheran author you have not read before.
  3. series by a Lutheran author
  4. A book of fiction by a Lutheran author
  5. A book of non-fiction by a Lutheran author
  6. A book with a Lutheran contributor
  7. A children’s book by a Lutheran author
  8. A book illustrated by a Lutheran
  9. Any random book suggested by a fellow Lutheran
  10. A Lutheran devotional text (let’s say either a complete text since some are short or a minimum of 60 devotions)
  11. Lutheran books from consecutive centuries
  12. A Lutheran book from the Reformation era/ Martin Luther’s lifetime
  13. A Lutheran book from the Early Orthodox era (I’m totally gleaning these from a wiki article)/ time of the Book of Concord’s culmination
  14. A Lutheran book from the Lutheran Scholastics
  15. A Lutheran book from late orthodoxy/around Johann Gerhard’s time
  16. Something fitting jargon like “confessional,” “liturgical,” etc. (“Pietistic” does not, however, qualify) lol

I’ll try to get more expansive and creative by Monday. 😉

The library challenge I’m finishing up now was to read 20 books fitting into something like 40 different categories. Those options got pretty random, but most of them made me smile.

But, again, that ran from January through April (and, boy, I almost didn’t make it!). How many books should we recommend? Four+? One more than your comfortable assuming you can read?! lol

Let me know your thoughts. Comical or flexibles ones especially welcome.

Happy reading and writing!

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