Reading Challenge

I guess I should be honest and say that not all reading challenges have been all that great. Earlier this year I joined two secular ones and I’m starting to think that the modern novel is downright and methodically depressing. BUT . . .

I won our local reading challenge! I barely made it through the 20 or so categories, but I did it! It was something like a four-month challenge, but I persevered! Won a tshirt, library bag, some free books, free pens & pencils, you know, that sort of thing.

What I think I really earned, though, is the right to stop blaming pregnancy brain for falling asleep during books.

Let’s turn that around. If you fall asleep reading, you may yet stop!! lol

Though, if you do currently fall asleep reading, don’t waste it on something as depressing as the many books trying to normalize wretchedness. Ok? Take it as sisterly advice.

It makes me extra thankful for the many men and women writing quality literature and the many Lutherans who incorporate both reality and hope into their works. Woo hoo!

Happy reading & writing, folks!

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