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Jonathan Moeller

How in the world does Jonathan Moeller write so fast?! Even if he intersperses short stories between his books?! Ha ha haa! Here’s a list of his releases since last November:


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Bach to Church

I daresay I’ve blogged about the Bach to Church collection, but today I’ll let you know that it continues to expand. Now there is a resource page, which includes playlists, a chart of Bach’s chorales that correspond to Lutheran hymns in TLH, ELH, and LSB, performance guides, further reading, and links. How cool is that?!

This is great for musicians, music enthusiasts, the Bach-curious, schools, homeschools, choirs, etc. PLUS, they have included a performance guide for Praetorius’s Christmas Mass! You may or may not know that name but be sure to check it out as you’ll be pleased if you do! 😀 Bach to church, Bach to home, Bach all around! Yay!

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