Resources for Writers

I hope my blog is full of resources for writers. Feel free to search keywords or categories. I also write posts specifically answering questions, if you’d like to you the contact form below.

I’m happy to include living Lutheran authors (presuming you’re a resurrection- and Real Presence- believing Lutheran) to my Living Lutheran Author Page. Or, if you work in writer-related fields, such as editing, graphic design, layout, etc, I can add you to my Lutheran Freelance Writer Support.

Guest posts introducing Lutheran authors is welcome, as is release information. On occasion, I receive review copies and review, although I can’t actually promise reviews in a timely manner.

You may also be interested to know there are a number of Facebook Groups for Lutheran Writers, including Writing (LCMS) Lutheran, Lutheran Fiction Writers Guild, Guild of Lutheran Writers, and Lutheran Authors/Writers. Admittedly all of them can be quiet.

Resources for writers

Other ways I can help?

Here’s some advice for budding authors from a Lutheran indie author, CM Healy.

Please let me know. Contact me below, comment, Facebook, etc.

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