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Does anyone else here struggle to juggle multiple projects? My poetry project has been on a back burner, but now I’m wondering if it’s time I wrap it up.

Let me ask you: how many pages do you think a book of poetry should be before publishing? Should I wait to publish until I’m poem-ed out? Right now my project has a variety of biblical themes and topics with poetry meditating upon them: should I wait until I have a full book of connected themes? Or just know that I may continue to write such religious meditation and publish various volumes?

I also wonder how people self-publish through Amazon yet aren’t sure when their release date will be. Any insight on that?

🙂 Meanwhile, happy reading and writing folks! I’m rooting for you!


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  1. Why don’t you edit a collection of poetry by Lutheran writers..?

    • Laura

      That is a great idea, Robert, but those are two very different things. She is a writer herself and is asking how best to compile what she has written / is writing into a book people will want to read. I don’t have any answers or even suggestions, Mary, but as one who is dabbling in writing poetry myself, I want to encourage you that I am interested in what you are doing!

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