Poetry fighting heresies

I’ve had two totally great ideas this weekend. I just hope I remember them!!! Because, while I did do a bunch of outdoorsy work on our first beautiful day in forever, I did NOT get the writing done I thought I would! But, please, (don’t steal this!) tell me: what do you think about poetry fighting heresies?

I think it’s BRILLIANT! Humanizing yet able to pull in all sorts of things that otherwise might sound random.

Understanding that there is doctrine—the teaching of God—and that parts of doctrine affect other parts of doctrine is way too easily overlooked. Some never think about it at all. So I wonder if poetry might not slip past a few defense mechanisms to let us explore heresies as they really are: distortions, imaginings, deceptions, and fallacies.

What do you think? Am I on to something? And, if so, do I write these up and stop my current poetry book project so I can include them? Or would a book of poetry fighting heresies . . . well, take up a book in its own right? Write. Right!

Other than that, I’m really pleased with what I have planned for the blog this week. I hope you’ll go ahead and comment this week (you quiet audience, you!), so I can pull together some really great resources!

Happy reading & writing folks. I really would like to hear what you think about this one. 🙂


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2 Responses to Poetry fighting heresies

  1. Brenda P

    Interesting you should mention this idea. My sister, Andrea Schultz, (she’s on your list of living Lutheran authors) wrote such a poem against heresies about the Trinity: http://thestoryfolder.com/poems/apples-are-apples/

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