Today I read a short story/ deleted scene, which I loved, by Vanessa Rasanen as she gears up to release the first novel in her Hearts on Guard series. Woo hoo! I’ll try to type up a review of that over the weekend for next week. Meanwhile I picked up a book to pre-read for my kiddos and realized, “I’ve absolutely read this before! And forgotten everything except a single scene at the very end!”


I remember enjoying the book. I’m more than a little scared that I read the whole series and have forgotten it all. And, even worse, this isn’t the first time this has happened. Every so often, typically in summertime, I pick up a book off someone else’s shelf, flip through interested, and whip through it only to scold myself later asking how could I have forgotten?!

Am I alone in this? I’m pretty sure . . . it’s best if I AM alone in this! 😉

Oh well. Since they are enjoyable books, at least I’m happy to reread them!

Anyway, happy weekend, folks. May you read, write, and worship, receiving the many gifts of the Risen Christ!

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