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Hello! How about I don’t tell you what or when to buy, but I let you know about a quick sale on Amazon? 🙂 The details are here (Print Book Sale), but basically if you buy $20-worth of print books sold by Amazon (not through third party vendors just using Amazon), type in GIFTBOOK17 as a promo code during check out, and you’ll save $5.

Wickedly I may use this as an excuse to just plain buy a book I want rather than Christmas shop. Feel free to do the same or whatever. 🙂 But it only lasts through 11:59 p.m. (PT) November 26, 2017.

CPH also has book sales going on, including a nice selection of $5 books! You can find that here under Shop by Price.

Feel free to recommend additional book sale places in the comment section.

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