Sisters Grimm

Ack! Something totally cool came to my Inbox and I totally forgot about it!!!! The ladies and gentlemen at Black and White Publishing Company are putting together a dark fairy tale anthology, written solely by women. Please, please, consider this awesomely fun opportunity to write for “Sisters Grimm”! And, help spread the word!


Here is information. (No, this publishing house is not particularly Lutheran/theological/Christian. Still, a neat publisher is a neat publisher!)

There’s a lot more information you should know about Black and White Publishing Company. In particular, go here to learn all about Ubooks. Interesting stuff!

I won’t say that Lutherans are always known for writing on the darker side, but, let’s face it, sometimes we know sin and fallen nature pretty well. We know that morality tales aren’t really the whole or true story.

If you’ve ever been intrigued by the dark side of fairy tales, here’s a pretty cool chance for you. 🙂 Tuck in a Lutheran message as you can.

From the submission guide:

Each accepted piece will feature original artwork by Jessica Gadra and an original musical score by Nathan Moran. Due to the unique nature of Ubooks, each story, while part of the anthology, will stand on their own. Have a breakaway hit? You alone will reap the reward.

Do you belong with Sisters Grimm? And, wouldn’t it be pretty awesome to see and hear your own Ubook?! 🙂

Happy reading and writing, and I’m thankful to God for you and your desire to write!

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