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Wouldn’t it be great if Lutherans reviewed Lutheran books? Oh, wait, they do! And it’s a practice we can encourage! One way to do so is by blogs giving positive reviews and then offering a giveaway, which is exactly what Sisters of Katie Luther is doing right now. Want to read Pew Sisters with the added fun of a drawing? Or want to send me a positive review of another Lutheran writer? Send it my way! (Comment, Facebook, you know the drill.)

Here is the link to the review and entry form.

My own few words, in lieu of a review, are that Katie came and did the Oklahoma Pastors’ Wives retreat two years ago and it was great. She is an engaging, compassionate speaker who gives you Jesus. At the same time, she facilitated discussion which, after the Gospel, tends to be what ladies like about retreats: relaxation, fellowship, and fun rolled up into words.

Ok, ok, so maybe I’m a bit bigger into discussion than some. Still, yay Katie! Her website is here and here is a link to an Amazon page, where you can browse at your leisure (if I got that link to work).

One last thing, isn’t it handy that Pew Sisters  gets a little extra noting when Katie is also having her Mother’s Day Contest?

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  1. Katie Schuermann

    Aw, thank you, Dcs. Mary! I am a huge fan of you, period. xo

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