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You’ll remember I announced the recent release of Alignment: A Love Story by Lutheran pen Dangerosa Jones. Below is my Alignment review for Amazon & GoodReads.

Review of Alignment: A Love Story

Alignment is a satisfying story of life and love that opens on a large orchard and farm. A former farm girl has a lot to tackle when she moves back closer to home. Then everything takes an unexpected turn because of her father and one of his trusted and longtime friends.

This was a lovely summer read. I enjoyed the descriptions of the farm, moving, and that tenuous balance between helping family and striking out on your own. Then, that moment of greeting romance when it makes its tender appearance and its transition into the rest of one’s life.

The romance is mildly unconventional in a nice way. It’s very clean and can be recommended free of concerns.

“Conservatives” will appreciate the book’s value of family, modesty, and the development of a slow, deep love, while others may be relieved that there isn’t religious content or soapboxing. Really, I think a lot people could enjoy this book very much.

PS. I’m traveling briefly so there may be a delay before this is actually posted to Amazon or GoodReads.

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