Strong as Death

I’m pleased to announce a recent release! My friend from ages ago, Lutheran Pastor Chris Matthis, has published his first collection of poems for wider distribution: Strong as Death: Selected Poems.

It’s no surprise that many poets effectively have to self-publish, so don’t let that hinder you. Strong as Death is sure to plumb depths spiritual, emotional, and intellectual.

Themes include faith and doubt, love and loss, life and death. Those spectrums we experience our whole lives to varying degrees.

So, why not face it with poetry and that special companionship that a book provides? Especially since, as Christians, we know the One who is strong as death and even stronger, and He has given us one another as part of His sweet consolation for us.

And, remember, you can always buy a copy for your church library! (It just now occurred to me that my dentist would probably love a waiting room copy of my children’s book, How Can I Help: God’s Calling for Kids.)

PS. One more Lutheran poet to add to my living Lutheran author page!

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