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Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m going to try another method of giveaway. To enter this Strong as Death Giveaway, comment on this post for a chance to win one copy of Strong as Death: Selected Poems by Rev. Chris Matthis (LCMS). I will mail the complimentary copy to the winner after randomly selecting a comment after Friday, September 23rd. Until then I will use a post-script on posts to link back to this entry, so it shouldn’t be lost to spotty blog-checking. Sound fair? Let me know your giveaway preferences! Below is my review.

Strong as Death: Selected Poems

I had almost forgotten how intimate poetry can be. And, what an interesting exchange that, in reading poetry, you know intimately—whether you know the poet or not—but you also see just how foreign another person can be, orbiting subject material with their own perspective, experiences, and spin.

These poems run the gamut of sweet, insightful, shocking, desperate, and introspective. The sections include God, Love, Death, Other Loves, Other Creatures, and Other Words. Written over the span of 18 years, this book grapples with the temporary and the eternal from both a youthful and maturing perspective. Honest, sometimes raw. Poignant, grieving the fallenness of this world.

I’ll rate it a four since my fives are so rare, but I appreciated the very real insights offered in this slim volume and the rare chance to see through another set of eyes. It’s especially interesting to see just how real and unfiltered a pastor and friend can be. 🙂

My favorite was probably “A Prayer for the Eucharist,” which is early on, but this is, by no means, only a book of religious poetry. In fact, I think the contrast between the religious hope and the pains of earthly experience is part of what sets this book of poetry apart.


For a chance to win your very own copy, enter this Strong as Death giveaway by leaving a comment on this post. Open until the end of September 23rd, a commenter will be selected at random for a single complimentary copy. I’ll email the winner privately to get a mailing address* and pop it in the mail. In the mean time,  happy writing, happy reading, and blessed everything in between!

Here is an Amazon link for your perusal. I’ll also throw in another link to our current GoodReads Giveaway: Family Vocation!

*Will mail to USA or Canada only.


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5 Responses to Strong as Death Giveaway

  1. Vanessa R

    It has been a long time since I’ve read much poetry. Would love to check this out!

  2. Thanks, Mary, for reviewing my book and promoting it on your blog. I hope this book will bring some laughter and tears to other readers. God bless!

  3. Jenna O

    Im sure I would enjoy reading this book! And my boyfriend would surely love to read it too!

  4. Joanna

    I would love to read this book!

  5. Adam

    I’d like to read it, too.

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