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I released a book. Convention hit. Then the National Youth Gathering and the party conventions hit. Initial interest in my latest book may have started to fade away as thoughts scatter and the world wallows in its wicked ways. So, this August let’s a little good news: Let’s have a Blessed Giveaway!

Enter at the far bottom to win one of three complimentary paperback copies of Blessed: God’s Gift of Love! As Amazon says:
“Blessing” is a weightier word than many people think it is. It is a concept given to us by God, and the meaning of it is revealed in His Word. Rev. Dr. Chris Mitchell and Deaconess Mary Moerbe dig into the meaning of the Hebrew term for “blessing,” brk, which is used in nearly 500 places throughout Scripture. Drawing from the teachings of our Lord, Mitchell and Moerbe present the nature of God’s blessing of His creation and the steadfast love He has for us.
Visit Amazon to read an excerpt or peruse the Table of Contents. Basically, I hope I used a conversational tone to deliver some rather academic but insightful biblical goods with an emphasis on God’s blessings that bear fruit throughout time and into eternity.

A resource for serious lay readers, students, and pastors, this book helps us better understand how we—who have received God’s blessing through His Son—can become blessings to others and can bless God in return!

Enter below for your chance to win, and spread the word. Add it to your to-read list. Entries accepted throughout the month of August, and GoodReads will randomly select the winners.

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Blessed by Christopher Mitchell


by Christopher Mitchell

Giveaway ends August 31, 2016.

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4 Responses to Blessed Giveaway

  1. Hi Mary, You have read my book, DO NOT BE DECEIVED, and given a good review. Thank you. I read today’s post about Christopher Mitchell’s book and a free book possibility; I desire to do the same. However, in a larger sense…. Can you help me? Now that my book has done well locally, I desire a larger audience. After prayer and considerations, it seems God is telling me to give away books (lots of them). Can you help me do this through your blog? I am currently googling women’s shelters in different states and sending free copies…If I offer free copies through facebook, I get my local community members wondering why they paid for theirs…. Your thoughts please–and thank you.

  2. Kathleen, 1) if you’d like to offer a giveaway through GoodReads, you can choose as many books to giveaway as you’d like. I’d be happy to share a link or post advertising that here on my blog, and sometimes a publisher is happy to supply books for that purpose. 2) If you’d like to focus on those who may be affected by abuse, I could ask my deaconess friends–there are professional Lutheran mercy workers throughout the USA. They might know organizations/centers/ etc. 3) You can also consider donating copies to libraries, both church and public.

    Maybe it’s just me, but I wouldn’t hand them out for free too willy nilly lest, as you said, people who purchased them feel frustrated. You did the work and you can be paid for that labor.

  3. Judy wierman

    Entering the book give away. Thanks!!

  4. Entering the book give away. Thanks!

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