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I’m happy to offer a Bo Giertz Giveaway! You probably know Giertz best from his Lutheran novel, The Hammer of God. Happily for us all Rev. Bror Erickson, an LCMS pastor serving in New Mexico, has recently translated Giertz’s Romans: A Devotional Commentary!

I am halfway through the read and it is simply delightful. Well-written, insightful and a beautifully lay-friendly consideration of the Book of Romans. As in, I now want to figure out at which age I should assign it as part of homeschool religion class. 🙂 Maybe soon! It’s that readable and easy to follow!

I expect to review it pretty soon so I won’t give away more here other than the offer for a single copy to go to one commenter below. Only those a USA or USA military address address are eligible. Let’s see. Shall we have the Giertz Giveaway run for a week? Two? I’ll randomly select the winner with a handy-dandy plugin.

Again, to enter the Bo Giertz Giveaway for a free copy of Romans: A Devotional Commentary leave a comment below. I like my giveaways nice and simple. I will contact the winner to get mailing information.

By the way,  To Live with Christ is a collection of the Swedish Lutheran theologian’s devotional writings that should be on your To Read list if it isn’t already.

What I personally still need to get is With My Own Eyesalso translated by Bror Erickson and published by NRP Books! I’ll write a review for a review copy (hint, hint!)!


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22 Responses to Bo Giertz Giveaway

  1. Julie Goltermann

    I am very interested in reading this book. Thank you for bringing it to my attention!

  2. Diane Vint

    Thank you for the opportunity to win! I greatly enjoy Bo Giertz’s To Live with Christ and The Hammer of God and would love to read this devotional commentary of Romans!

  3. I would love to read this!

  4. Count me in. It looks like a winner!

  5. This sounds great and you’ve peaked my homeschool mom interest.

  6. We have been reading aloud “The Christian Year of Grace” after breakfast. After looking at the sample, it looks like this could be a candidate for next church year!

  7. Matt

    Count me in whether I win or not!

  8. Warren Schulingkamp

    Bo Giertz is one of my favorite authors.

  9. Myrtle

    I’ll take one!

  10. Thanks for the chance to win!

  11. Andrew

    I’d be interested. Thanks for the offer.

  12. Lois Johnson

    The Hammer of God is one of my very favorite books! I’m very interested in his Romans commentary.

  13. Helen Kohn

    I would love to read this devotional as an introduction to Bo Giertz.

  14. Zach Oedewaldt

    This would be very useful for a seminary student going on vicarage! I would love a copy.

  15. Indy

    Thanks for the chance to win the devotional!

  16. Jennifer

    I’d love to win! I love Bo Giertz!

  17. Glen Wurdeman

    I would love to have a copy of the book.

  18. Alison Andreasen

    I’m from Swedish ancestry. Every Swede should have Bo Giertz, right?!? 😉

  19. Roxann

    I have read The Hammer of God and am working through To Live with Christ. I would enjoy reading another of Giertz’s books.

  20. I would like to have this book.

  21. How neat! Thanks for this post. 🙂

  22. Angel Scott

    Giertz is a lovely gift to give!

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