Romans: A Devotional Commentary

Today I’ll post a brief review of one of our recent giveaways! It will be on Romans: A Devotional Commentary by Rev. Bo Giertz as translated by Rev. Bror Erickson.

A Review of Romans: A Devotional Commentary

I love this book. Love it. I think it is a gem for devotional and instructive reading, and a beautifully written exposition of the great Book of Romans!

At a mere 104 pages, it appears deceptively brief. You start to read and think, “Ah, this is refreshing. I may just breeze through it,” but there is real substantive content! My brain found itself full easily by 30-pages or fewer. Which, to me, makes this ideal devotional reading! Ponderous, weighty, broadly knowledgeable yet Gospel-focused and written for laity.

A homeschoolers dream! I keep thinking that this will be perfect for my children when they are a little older. I’m thinking maybe junior high? Or any time your children can read “charismatic gifts” with some understanding. It could be your religion class following an order something like this: Monday, listen to a section of Scripture. Tuesday, read the same section and mark down questions. Wednesday, read the corresponding section of Bo Giertz’s Romans devotional commentary. Thursday, reread Scripture.

This book will stay fresh in my mind for recommending, that’s for sure! Excellent work, Rev. Erickson! Keep it up, you prolific translator you!

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  1. Bror Erickson

    Thank you, Mary! What a beautiful review. I really appreciate it. I have a lot of Giertz stacked on my editor’s desk right now. So keep your eyes open. How are you enjoying “With My Own Eyes? “

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