Rick Riordan

I do not always read the books I intend to read. Sometimes, admittedly, I take a break and binge-read YA. So, my question for you today is how in the world is Rick Riordan so prolific?!?!

I tell myself it’s because he writes full-time. I don’t even know what I do full-time! Ha

He also stands on the shoulders of many giants who came before him. It’s a brilliant move to take the many ancient myths, revisit, and revamp them. And, doing it for a young audience really opens things up insofar as bringing in magic and suspension of disbelief.

I still cannot believe Rick Riordan can publish so much. (By the way, you can go here to read what he has to say to writers.)

But I’ve got to think it’s great that he loves his audience—he has kids of his own. He loves his material, and he loves the freedom and flexibility it gives him.

I want to be prolific. Still, lol, maybe I should just be thankful I can read prolific authors.

Press onward, folks, reading and writing! Ha ha, we’re in it for the long haul!

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2 Responses to Rick Riordan

  1. We do love Rick Riordan at our house! I recently have wondered if I should be less prolific, only because that’s what people seem to notice about my writing is that there’s a lot of it. Hopefully they are getting the substance of it in there too. 😉

  2. Heidi, you are good at getting substance across. 🙂 Be prolific! I hope to get there right alongside you!

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