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I decided to reread my latest book, Blessed. Knowing it as I do, I was able to read most of it in a few hours. Three things struck me: 1) Maybe I don’t want to read reviews about it, because 2) I think I should have written it at an easier reading level. Don’t get me wrong, it’s insightful. I wouldn’t discourage you from buying it, but I found myself 3) actually praying, “Why didn’t I just spit it out?!” Prayers for writers, people. We should write some. And possibly include them in that essay book we’ve talked about on and off.

As writers, we want to connect with others. As Christians, we often want to serve, even if that is by entertaining for a while. Aren’t those topics ripe for prayer? Even capturing the wonder of creation, experience, ideas, etc. is full of reflection for prayerful meditation and praise.

All of those vulnerabilities and struggles we experience—heartache, indecision, second-guessing, longing for sensitivity or insight, pursuit to capture fleeting moments and beauty—not only can I scarcely write through them, I can hardly articulate them in prayer sometime.

I really think having a little collection of prayers as prayers for writers would be very, very good.

I wonder if sometimes prayers are best written when not in the midst of the struggle. Of course, heartfelt prayers are great, as are spontaneous prayers. Still, collects are practical in so many ways, especially in letting the Church equip us when words when our words so often fail. Right?

Ok, readers. How can I encourage you to write some and send them my way? My own inability at this point? Would you help a sister in need?

This is worth more than a single post. Maybe I can write some and share them a bit later. In the meantime, I’ve had a rough night!

But you know what? No matter what we may be going through, we aren’t alone. It is such a blessing that our brothers and sisters in Christ share our burdens—and our joys—and that God Himself is present in favor toward us with His great mercy.

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