Angels’ Portion

I’ve mentioned Rev. Chris Thoma (LCMS) before, but it’s time to introduce him again. His latest book, The Angels’ Portion, Volume II, is now available.

There and Back Again

What I loved about the first volume was the way my husband embraced it. Part humor, part daily life, part random assortment of masculine eclecticism made it well-suited for reading a review at a time at the end of a busy day here or there or in a large chunk over the weekend. Well done, Pastor Thoma! My husband isn’t easily impressed!

What I anticipate about this second volume is a continuation of all that was good about the first. My husband is far from a big drinker, but he now has a little whisky collection that grows over birthdays and Christmas. Except there are so many brands out there, it’s been hard finding recommended types. This second book comes out and—eureka!—we can tap hope anew! In time for Christmas (and October is sometimes celebrated as Pastor Appreciation Month to boot!)!

If you’re thinking, “I’m sick of Lutherans talking about alcohol. Grow up.” Rev. Thoma does not advocate for debauchery. Quite the contrary, I think he’d like everyone to appreciate whisky as more of an art form, a gift of God, to cultivate taste and be treated with tender—not desperate or escapist—attention. Affectionate, sure, but not wickedly or idolatrous-ly so.

And, have we talked about what the angels’ portion is? I love this part. According to Thoma’s blog:

. . . distillers refer to the portion of whisky that evaporates during the aging process as the “angels’ share” or sometimes the “angels’ portion.” The point is, the longer it ages, the more the angels appear to take, sometimes as much as forty percent of a full barrel.

Source: Why “Angels’ Portion”? | angelsportion

I love that. Leave it to a pastor, right?

And, though I initially missed it, The Angels’ Portion, Volume II is published with Grail Quest Books. Amazon can be great and all, but we can support smaller, Lutheran friendly places, too, right? Again, a great Christmas present for guys who can be harder to shop for.

And, my offer to Rev. Thoma is this: if you send us a free copy, I’ll see if my HUSBAND would write up a positive review for both books! 🙂

PS. In case you want to just add it to your wish list:

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