Angels’ Portion, Volume 3

How does Pastor Christopher Thoma do it? He has now released his third whisky commentary: The Angels’ Portion, Volume 3: A Clergyman’s Whisk(e)y Narrative!  And, commentary it certainly is, although it’s as much on life as any adult beverage. Well . . . actually, it is quite a bit about whisky/whiskey and scotches, too. 🙂

Really, it seems like this guy has a lot of energy and spunk. I’d like to bottle, sip, and review that! 

Additional good news is that Rev. Thoma is gaining more and more of a good reputation among whisky connoisseurs.  Endorsements include representatives of Top Whiskies, Whisky Whistle, and Bourbon And Banter. (I can’t personally vouch for these, but they sure sound whet for whisky to me!) 

As the Amazon blurb for The Angels’ Portion, Volume 3: A Clergyman’s Whisk(e)y Narrative says:

“The stories,” Reverend Thoma writes, “are never applied to the whiskies. The whiskies reveal the stories. In other words, the stories are already there. I imagine each as awaiting retrieval from a lockbox on a shelf in the storehouse of my mind. Each whisky serves as the inimitable key to its own box. In the process of sniffing, sipping, and finishing a dram, the story is fetched and the whisky’s heart is rendered. Sometimes the story includes Darth Vader. Another time there may be a shark named Gary, or an unfortunate brawl with Santa Claus at Walmart.”

As it was with Volumes I and II, so goes Volume III. Thoma, with his signature style and creativity, never fails to delight nor lose pace in his effort to enlighten and entertain.

Shhhh. Don’t mention it to him, but this may be a Christmas present to my husband! 🙂 We may not buy more than a bottle a year (or three), but always enjoys the humor and camaraderie from a fellow brother in the ministry.

Way to go, Christopher! (And Grail Quest Books!) I’m sure many of us are proud of you! 😀

Meanwhile you can revisit posts about his Volume 2 here, with additional Thoma posts here, here, and here. And did I see a book I initially missed?!

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