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Prayers for Writers

I decided to reread my latest book, Blessed. Knowing it as I do, I was able to read most of it in a few hours. Three things struck me: 1) Maybe I don’t want to read reviews about it, because 2) I think I should have written it at an easier reading level. Don’t get me wrong, it’s insightful. I wouldn’t discourage you from buying it, but I found myself 3) actually praying, “Why didn’t I just spit it out?!” Prayers for writers, people. We should write some. And possibly include them in that essay book we’ve talked about on and off.

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Fat Tuesday Collect

Part of the history of Fat Tuesday involves going through the house to collect things. Fat, in particular, but also other rich, rather luxurious, ingredients were gathered up for pancakes or other feasting that could use up what would otherwise tempt during the Lenten fast. Or so I was taught.

Without going into the benefits and biblical encouragement toward fasting and other forms of discipline, I’ll simply offer you this one. That’s right, here is an idea for a Lenten writing exercise. Continue reading

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