Death’s Doors

Today’s happy news includes a hat tip to Lars Walker. His book, Death’s Doors, was recently recommended for addressing the hot topic of Assisted Suicide.

Here’s a summary of Death’s Doors from an online review here:

Summary: In the near future, suicide is a constitutional right. Tom Galloway is just an ordinary single parent, trying to keep his rebellious and depressed teenage daughter from going to the Happy Endings Clinic. If there’s one thing he doesn’t need, it’s a tenth century Viking time traveler dropping into his world. But Tom is about to begin the adventure of his life, one that will change the whole world.

And here is the recent commentary and book recommendations regarding assisted suicide.

Here’s an Amazon link to the book:

Here’s also an encouragement to tackle whatever issues call out to you! We do have a voice and we really can address the hard issues and contemporary concerns. We have a God who is present in suffering, whose Word rings out for those in darkness and in light.

And, sometimes processing ideas through fiction—though I certainly encourage you to write non-fiction, if you prefer—is a more intimate way to suggest ideas, scenarios, and points of view. It lets the reader process.

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