In the Shadow of the Cross

I’ve mentioned my friend, LCMS Pastor Chris Matthis, before (here and here). Now it’s come to my attention that he has released another book of his sermons, In the Shadow of the Cross: Sermons for Lent and Holy Week.

So far it has only been released in Kindle addition, but print is sure to follow.
Obviously these sermons were originally preached for his congregation, but this book has a multitasking purpose, offering devotional reading for Christians, possible sermon illustrations for fellow pastors, and the general task of pointing us to Christ. As the Amazon blurb says:
In this sermon collection for Lent and Holy Week, Pastor Matthis invites us to follow Jesus in the shadow of the cross through suffering and death to eternal life.
Lent follows Advent very closely. One just cannot widely separate the birth, death, and resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!
Anyway, you can consider this book. You can also say a prayer for your pastor, pastors, or pastors in general! 🙂 True story: pastors need and want your prayers.

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