The Peloponnesian Press

There are so many ways to write. It’s a beautiful thing with tons of opportunities, for service, for fun, etc. So I thought I’d share one with you today, highlighting a section called “The Peloponnesian Press.”

No, it’s not another place to send a proposal. It’s a clever part of a pet project by Rev. Andrew Richard (You may remember he crafted and offers the free Lutheran marriage devotional, Christ and the Church.)

He and another gentlemen have started to encourage classical education in the Corridor area of Iowa (the strip between and including Iowa City and Cedar Rapids). They made this website as part of that endeavor:

In Rev. Richard’s own words:
Right now it has two main parts: 1) Articles, which are more lengthy pieces, and comment on the classical curriculum, the goal of education, and the nature of the student, and 2) The Peloponnesian Press, which presents quotes from antiquity in the setting of invented news stories.
I am a big fan of classical education–and promoting Lutheran education in general–but don’t you love the idea of writing news stories as though in ancient times? What fun to do! What fun to read! 🙂 Good, good, good.
I’ll also point out four articles just to give you a summary feel for the website and project:

Happy writing, folks, and may this remind you that writing is GREAT even if it isn’t to hold your own book in your hands. 🙂

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